Nags Head Lane STW – Brentwood

Nags Head Lane STW – Brentwood Project Management of a Humus tank Slip Ring and Slewing Bearing replacement was requested by Thames Water at Nags Head Lane STW, Brentwood. This included sourcing, supplying, and installing the assets requested using our...Read More

Riverside STW – Rainham

On a Digester at Riverside STW.  the existing limpet system was not fit for purpose and was not functioning due to excessive foaming from the process. Our brief was to change the arrangement to something that would eradicate the foaming...Read More


INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS From our facilities in Hatfield Hertfordshire and Reading Berkshire, Unitspark Ltd serve the Engineering and Water sectors with Fabrication,  Welding and Bespoke Mechanical Engineering, from the design, to manufacture, to commissioning. Unitspark Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015...Read More