Technical Services from Unitspark

We offer a full range of services including an in-house mechanical design team complete with full 2D and 3D CAD operatives.

Our Engineers can also provide a full consultation and reporting service, to assist you in your decision making.

Consultancy and Reporting
Based on our years of qualified engineering expertise in our chosen field, we offer our knowledge and advice for your engineering needs in a consultation capacity. We have extensive and varied experience in the undertaking of various reporting across all engineering sectors. These reports would typically assist in identifying issues and in gaining funding from within an organisation.
Mechanical and Structure Design including CAD

Mechanical and structure design from Unitspark

Unitspark offer an advanced Mechanical Engineering design service across many industries to provide innovative engineering solutions

At the earliest stages of a design project, we use AutoCAD to draught ideas and work out the best solution. These early drawings are then developed into detailed design using AutoCAD or Solidedge.