Waste Water

Unitspark provide a full range of workshop and onsite services to the waste water sector. Over 30 years Unitspark has gained its excellence and built its reputation. Unitspark carry out project from design to commissioning on everything from underground sewer and wet well work to various detailed bespoke engineering and fabrication projects on treatment works.

Design and Build SHT

The client had some OEM equipment installed within a critical process, that was not functioning, and, had also become unsafe, endangering site personnel.

Unitspark were called upon to design and install, on a fast-track basis, a replacement unit that fitted within the geometrically challenging confines of the original, aged civil works, whilst adhering to all current design standards and specifications.

We completed the whole turnkey package within a 4 week window, with the on-site element being completed within 2 days.

The installation was completed well ahead of schedule, enabling the process to resume earlier than expected, exceeding both the customers requirements and expectations.

Cantilever Access Platform

The client required full access to drive motors on a recently installed conveyor system after realising that the motors were critical and maintaining them or removing them was extremely difficult.

Unitspark were asked to design and install a solution that allowed easy access for maintenance crews whilst also allowing access to installed equipment on the ground. The reach over a confined bund, and the height of the conveyor provided the biggest challenges.

A design was realized and a solution fabricated within a 5 week period with Unitspark Project Managing and installing the whole job, inclusive of all subcontract works, including Crane Hire.

Drive System re-design, manufacture and installation

The client had an antiquated, unreliable and complex drive arrangement in the form of pulleys and wires. For all of the reasons stated previously, this needed replaced with something more reliable, modern and simple.

Unitspark reviewed the existing system and created a model that allowed us to replicate the movement and operation of the equipment enabling our design team to study the mechanism and movement in a more controlled environment away from the constraints of site.

The finished design involved the fabrication and erection of support towers, atop which sat individual geared drives and pulleys, each controlling independently, allowing a more reliable and less complicated operating philosophy.